Concentration Requirements

The concentration in justice and law consists of six courses, including an interdisciplinary introductory course (101), four electives, and a senior seminar (401) on a contemporary topic combining theories of justice and institutions of the law. Electives vary from year to year according to course offerings, but to fulfill the concentration, all students must include as an elective at least one class focused on theories and one on institutions.

In addition, the program sponsors winter study courses, including one developed by one of our alumnae for the state of Massachusetts, in juvenile probation.

To declare the concentration, fill out the yellow Concentration Declaration Form available in the registrar’s office. You need to have one of the faculty advisory committee members sign it, then hand it in to the registrar. It’s also a good idea to let the chair know, since she is often out of the loop! This can be done at any time, not just during major declaration season in the spring of sophomore year.

Students may receive study abroad credit for relevant courses. Just remember to have the chair sign the “pink form” before you go.